At Actelion, we pride ourselves on building a culture that is focused on innovation, trust, and teamwork. These values enable us to attract and retain the most talented people in the industry and uniquely position ourselves for success. Our open communication and a results-driven approach foster an enthusiastic, stimulating environment that allows both our company and our employees to develop and grow.

Actelion - Shaping Our Future

Our Core Values

  • Innovation

    We have a keen understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit.
    We will challenge assumptions and conventional wisdom and consider the opportunity in every situation.
    We provide the time and freedom to innovate.

  • Trust &

    We know that our people make all the difference and Trust & Teamwork is fundamental to our work. We engage fully and positiviely with colleagues.
    Through sharing ideas and responsibilities, we maximize our expertise and skills – because working together yields greater results.

  • Open

    In order to advance our projects rapidly, we need to make sound decisions based on facts. We listen to and inquire about others’ opinions, advice and experience.
    This ensures efficiency and effective use of our resources.

  • Results

    We set clear, ambitious objectives – aligned to the company strategy –
    to deliver high performance and seek and rely on data to make decisions.
    We aim to be consistent and clear in decision making, and focus our drive on simple, practical approaches.