Corporate Responsibility is part of the everyday management of a successful business. To Actelion this means listening to, learning from and communicating openly with our various stakeholders.

Actelion's corporate responsibility covers efforts from employee development and diversity to governance, ethics, and stakeholder engagement, as well as the organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance:

Business ethics
Our business and ethical standards are fundamental to how Actelion operates, and include workplace policies, hiring, training, business conduct guidelines, and ethical and legal standards.

Corporate governance
We are committed to governance policies and practices that promote thoughtful and independent representation of shareholder interests.

Our employees have the highest value within the company, representing the innovative and creative spirit on which the company is built. To foster this spirit, Actelion actively promotes employee development, and takes further steps to improve the quality of life at work for its employees.

We are dedicated to discovering and developing innovative medicines to serve highly unmet medical needs, and to improve or prolong patients’ lives.

Environmental matters are handled with a sense of responsibility to maintain the highest standards.